Friday, June 11, 2021

New Order: A Violent Green Revolution!

Well this isn't something you put on when you've got a free Saturday night and you want to be entertained.

"New Order" is an import from Mexico, it won a few jury prizes during a festival run, right around the time the world started shutting down for COVID. It's a movie that gives a visualization of what it might look like if the poor got fed up enough and decided they were finally going to eat the rich. I am not going to pretend I am an expert on class and politics down in Mexico, but some of this film is at least relatable as an American viewer. Sometimes, it seems like we are barely holding a violent revolution of some kind by mere shoe-strings. It seems we are divided by class and race and host of other things, nobody wants to help, we just want to point our fingers on those on the other side of the fence. Telling the world our problems are all their fault.

"New Order" begins at a wedding, of Marianne (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) and Cristian (Fernando Cuautle). The families of Marianne and Cristian are rich, uber rich it seems. There is a lavish party for the newlyweds, the judge is on their way to make the wedding legal, but they are taking a long time. There is talk of jammed airports and hospitals. Civil unrest in the distance of Mexico City. Then when Marianne's mom goes to turn on the water in her bathroom, it runs green. There is small talk and some quick development before a bunch of people begin to rush the wedding. The civil unrest spilling into this wedding.

Why is everyone angry? Well it seems like the 99% is after the 1%, but there is no real context set to why. I guess with social class divides in my own country, I should get the point of why a bunch of poor people are wanting to stick it to the rich. But every country has their own history and their own culture and society. The reasons why the poor here in America would want to eat the rich may not align with the reasons the poor in Mexico would want to do the same. Why the uprising is happening, who organized it, and why this is all happening is never really explained.

Marianne is eventually taken by military. As she leaves her wedding party to help a person close to their family, who is poor and needing money for a family medical procedure. The military are bad though. It seems a shady, shadowy, evil military organization has seized the opportunity to take over the country. At least, that's what I thought? Again, we are never given an explanation to how this military entity took power so easily, or if the poor are in cahoots with the military. That too, is never explained. We just know that Marianne is being ransomed for money, along with lots of other people belonging to rich families. While Marianne's family works behind the scenes to get the cash, while Marianne is subject to a horrible prison experience.

I was interested in "New Order" for a couple reasons. I like international cinema quite a bit. I also saw the trailer on YouTube a few months back and found it fascinating. The movie is really too short for any real development to take place, and I don't think enough of the story is given the explanation it needs for me to care. Take note though, there is some very striking imagery in this movie. But for as much talk I read online about the brutality on display in this film, I honestly thought "The Nightingale" from 2018 was harder to sit through.

Still though, this a movie for a certain kind of audience. Again, not a Friday night fun night where when you have an evening free you put on "New Order." If you really care what a political and social uprising would look like today, look no further. But if want context, its missing here.

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