Thursday, February 18, 2021


So, the upcoming "Mortal Kombat" trailer has arrived. It looks like B-Movie mayhem. I am all for it. 

While I wasn't the biggest fan of "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" in 1997, the first film from 1995 had its charms. But I don't think either movie has aged particularly well. The costumes look like Halloween cosplay. But most of all, the fight scenes were in such slow motion that they deflated the action sequences. They just never looked particularly natural. So the most important thing I was watching for with this new take was how the fights look. I love that they really pay homage to the games in which they are based on, as well as looking like raw, naturalistic fights.

For fans of the game, it might be weird that there is a brand new character introduced. Lewis Tan is playing a new character named Cole Young. While I do think its weird to introduce a brand new character into a world that is already rich with characters, this could be some smoke and mirrors. I have a movie friend who was discussing his theories with me. One could be that Cole Young is an alias for Johnny Cage, and that Young was a failed actor who decided to become a cage fighter. (Get it? Cage? Ho, ho). The other theory is that Cole Young is an alias of Bi-Han, the first Sub-Zero who would become the villain Noob Sabiot. It's clear from this trailer that the bad blood between Sub-Zero and Scorpion will be explored in this movie. So I really wouldn't mind seeing one of these theories materialize. If he is indeed just a new character, its really weird to base a movie around him. In the games, the story arguably belongs to Lui Kang, so to sideline him and make him a supporting character is strange. If they go more a "Game of Thrones" route, and tell multiple stories, that could be cool. But might be odd for a movie.

I like all types of movies. I like Oscar bait. I like experimental and artsy stuff. But I also like genre junk like this. I am big a fan of this game franchise, one of my absolute favorites. I'm excited to see what they've done here. But remember, this is based upon a video game, and the video was particularly very silly. I'm not expecting Oscar-caliber writing from this movie, and you shouldn't either. Go to the movie on its terms.

But I'm just over-the-moon excited to see Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion. He is, in fact, my favorite Japanese actor. He already looks amazing!

What do you think MK fans? 

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