Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I Joined Letterboxd!

I recently joined the Facebook for Film Fans. Yep, I decided to give Letterboxd a try and now I am officially addicted.

I decided to join for a couple different reasons. I have always wondered how many movies I actually watch in a year. Including new releases I review on this site, favorites I re-watch and stuff from the past that I am watching for the first time. Letterboxd has a cool diary feature where you can log the movie you see in a day. You can date the movies you watch, so you can see all you've seen in a given year. It may seem easy but sometimes I forget. So it's a cool feature to log and see what all you see in a given year.

I like the list feature on Letterboxd much better than I did on IMDB. I still like IMDB, it's a good source of information and I will still use IMDB's list feature to keep track of TV shows I am watching, but they changed how list making works and it hasn't appealed to me in years. The way to make lists on Letterboxd is much easier to use and it makes sure you don't add the same movies twice. I've been using the list making features on Letterboxd because I want to really see how many movies I've seen in my life and I've been breaking some lists down by decade to help count. I've always wondered how many I've seen and now I am on my way to find out. I've also reposted my Top 1000 movies from the summer and it's been slightly...only slightly...modified since its publication in the summer.

Man, I got a little ahead of myself. What is Letterboxd? In case you are unaware, Letterboxd is just as I described, its Facebook for Film Fans. You can track what you've seen, make lists, connect to other fans through the movies you watch, post reviews, look up information. It's a cool resource and just fun to use. If you like movies you should check it out.

While You, Me and Movies is my baby and I ain't quitting around here, I will post mini reviews on Letterboxd, hoping to also use Letterboxd as a source to see if I can spread the word on my writings a bit. If not, oh well. Just seeing what comes of it.

If you are on Letterboxd, here is a link to my profile, follow me! This will be my 2021 hobby!


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