Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sunny days for DC?

 Marvel is responsible for changing the blockbuster, franchise film-making in both good and bad ways. I've written hundreds and hundreds of words on this subject by now that you are probably drained by reading them. It just so happens that one company that tried harder than hell to emulate the Marvel formula was DC studios and Warner Brothers. They saw what could happen with a shared universe and they wanted in. With arguably, or maybe not so arguably, smaller results. It's a new decade now though. It seems DC is turning a new leaf. It doesn't seem like they are interested in shared universes or grand plans right now, and perhaps that will lead them to some success.

I mean, they already have. "Joker" may not have been my cup of tea, but I can't deny that it found its audience, it made some money, it won awards, all of that is great and I hope its fans are basking in that glory. About a week ago or so, DC announced its future for DC movies, and the future looks bright. I am a huge Batman fan, but "The Batman" really appeals to me in a big way. I hope its just as amazing as it looks. Robert Pattinson looks rad, and I knew, I knew he would be good. People were quick to jump on the hate train when he was cast, but I was optimistic. I've seen what he can do when he isn't playing a vampire. He truly is a talented actor. Let it be known that after "Twilight," he had no interest in going back to blockbuster filmmaking. So I hope its apparent that something special drew him to Batman, and I hope people give him a chance to see what that is. Oh, and Colin Farrell as Penguin? Yeah, I've been starring at the image for days now. I still don't quite believe its him.

While I loved the first "Wonder Woman" quite a bit. I have some reservations for its sequel "Wonder Woman 1984." I enjoyed the first trailer. I love the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, so I am happy they are both returning. It just doesn't make much sense that Pine is back. Kristen Wiig as a villain gives me pause. I still don't see it. Plus Cheetah just looks weird in general. I hope its good though, I will give the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie.

The road James Gunn took in order to make a DC movie has been crazy and controversial to say the least. But if anybody is a perfect fit for Suicide Squad, its Gunn. We have not received a full trailer for "The Suicide Squad" yet, but the featurette we got that introduces the cast was nice. Of course, as with most of these types of videos, its just the cast falling over themselves with praise. But the characters chosen for this tale have me curious as hell. It's a great cast too. I hope that Gunn isn't in "Guardians of the Galaxy" mode though. I hope "The Suicide Squad" has a personality of its own and Gunn continues to evolve as an artist. Both "The Suicide Squad" and "Wonder Woman 1984" are being hailed as soft reboots, so the DCEU is still very real and intact, just may be taking on a different shape and something things may be retconned.

I guess I should not say that decisions of the future "may" retcon the DCEU, and I think they full blown are. Zack Snyder had to leave in the middle of making "Justice League" in 2017 due to a family emergency and Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the film, completely changing the entire DNA of the movie. Seemingly, I should add. Many fans have wanted to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League for years, nobody actually thought we'd see it. But thanks to WB and HBOMax, we are. Miracles do come true sometimes, don't they? It's clear from the first trailer that this is going to be a completely different experiences from last time. We have four hours of Zack Snyder Justice League coming next year and you won't have to set foot in a movie theater to see it.

So how about it? Are you guys excited for these upcoming DC movies? Are you excited for the "Flash" sequel that will feature Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman? Are you looking forward to the sequel to "Shazam?" Or The Rock Black Adam movie? DC is getting exciting, and who knows. Maybe DC will rule the box office this decade. Time will only tell.

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