Monday, May 18, 2020

Review: "Capone" is the biggest disappointment of 2020 so far

Capone Review
In 2012, Josh Trank stomped in the yard with "Chronicle" a movie that the world really wasn't ready for. It was a different kind of superhero story and he told a deeply personal tale with what he did with it. "Chronicle" seemed like a taste of things to come, and but we still have yet to see what will come.

Josh Trank made the 2015 "Fantastic Four," and man that was not good. I still gave Josh Trank the benefit of the doubt, because I believed him. Much like many directors who make popular titles that tank, they simply blame it on the studio. It's always the easy target, right? I believed him because it sounded like something Fox would do. With "Capone," I am not sure how much gas Trank has in the tank and he may just be a one-hit wonder.

"Capone" has one of my favorite actors playing the most notorious gangster of all time. It tells an interesting story, the idea of following Al Capone in his final year of life as he is suffering from dementia and other health problems reflecting upon his life seems like an interesting avenue to explore. I was definitely curious and it seemed like curiosity definitely killed the cat in this instance. I'll be honest that I didn't see a single trailer before this movie, so how Hardy created the character was a total surprise to me.

From the moment he opened his mouth, it felt off.

I could never connect with his character because the voice Hardy makes for Capone is so distracting that I can barely judge his character. Tom Hardy is such an amazing actor who creates great voices for characters. But this time it's so disgustingly bad that I had to laugh. It also doesn't help that later in the movie, when Capone is being investigated for missing money, he literally shits his pants. I get this is a common symptom given his characters' health problems, but build something strikingly serious for such a ridiculous climax was surprising to say the least.

That's what felt off about the whole movie. We are expected to take this all seriously and really dig deep into Capone's final year, but what really is happening is Tom Hardy is just prancing around in really bad old age make-up doing goofy things. Sometimes he has a carrot in his mouth and he's randomly shooting people golden Tommy gun (he really is Scarface). Other times he is completely losing reality (and so are we). 

The other problem is that there doesn't seem to be any overall story except...hey, Al Capone's health deteriorated in his late 40's. Beyond that, the movie had nothing else to say. We see Tom Hardy fumbling around his Florida home, singing songs from "The Wizard of Oz" and people, honestly, that voice, he sounds like Michael Keatons Beetlejuice. That's how not right the voice sounds. It all ends up being a bizarre experience because nothing else happens. There are some subplots that seem to begin, but then get abandoned for no good reason. I can only guess that since all the movie wanted to do was have Hardy bumble around for nearly two hours, they had to have something for him to talk about.

Much like his other voices, I bet it'll become impersonation fodder soon. Whether for all the right reasons or all the wrong reasons remains to be seen.


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