Thursday, April 30, 2020

SXSW on Amazon: Short Films

Amazon Prime Video is offering some of the films, shorts and TV shows that were going to premiere at this years South By Southwest Film Festival that got cancelled last month due to COVID-19. I am planning on seeing and watching as much as it as possible over the course of the next ten days, where it will be free on Amazon Prime Video.

I took some time to watch a few short films last night provided by the SXSW film festival, and there were a few that I really liked. Its amazing just how much storytelling and development you can jam into fifteen or twenty minutes. Some of the short films I watched last night were only four minutes. Still, no matter how short, many of them were able to create a whole experience in such a limited amount of time.

"A Period Piece" is about two people having a sexual affair and they meet up while the woman is in the middle of her period. As they continue with their business, some menstrual blood lands on some furniture that it absolutely can't land on, given their situation. It ends up with some big laughs, but there is also a peak of how an affair can say something about the people in it.

"Affurmative Action" is a goofy movie that investigates workplace diversity through meet and greet teams. I am not sure I bought the significance of this one, but it had a few laughs as well.

"Basic" The film begins with an obnoxious user of social media, taking several selfies with some self-indulgent voice-over monologues going on. The twist at the end is the woman looking at this particular girl on her social media is dating a man she used to date. The man can seem to figure out why his new girlfriend is so obsessed with his ex-girlfriend that he really didn't date long in the grand scheme of things. It's a nice punchline right at the end.

"Blocks" This one is probably my favorite. As a parent who is about to add another child to his family, I relate to this one in a big way. This is an existential comedy about being a parent. A mom get up to her head being a parent that it starts to mess with her mind a bit. She starts puking up LEGO bricks. Its really funny, but it certainly comments on the roller coaster that is raising a child and it spoke to me completely.

I enjoy these little stories and maybe you will too.

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