Friday, April 17, 2020

RIP Brian Dennehy

RIP Brian Dennehy
I meant to write this up last night, but being a father, sometimes I just plain fall asleep on the couch. Please forgive me.

There are several great actors who never get their fair due, never get their true respects. Brian Dennehy had a lengthy career in movies, television and stage, starring in a wide assortment of roles. I wish he was better known than he was because he certainly shined in everything he did.

My first exposure will probably be surprising to many of you. It wasn't "First Blood," because I saw that later in life and I will say he was great in that. It wasn't even "Tommy Boy," even though he certainly makes due with the limited time he has in that movie. My first exposure to Dennehy was for an ESPN made-for-TV special. "Season on the Brink" where he played famous coach Bobby Knight. The genuine ferocity of performance he brought to role felt nearly groundbreaking to me. The total control of character and theme was riveting. I knew I wanted to see more of him as soon as possible. Sure enough I did.

What I didn't know was that he was an actor of the stage, and had received several Tony awards for his work. I would have loved to have seen him on stage had I known.

He was great and he will be missed.

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