Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Horror Fans Guild to Streaming Services for the Quarantine

As I pay close attention to my social media feeds, it seems like the thing that people are most referring to when discussing Coroniavirus is horror films. It makes perfect sense, every zombie movie pretty much stems from a viral infection. As did "I Am Legend." There are movies like "The Bay" which is about a local government allowing some terrible to get out of hand, leaving the entire town in shambles. Plus, let's be honest for a second, the idea of the world ending is scary. "Contagion," about a global viral infection, plays more freaking than anything else, as does the movie "Outbreak," which you can watch on Netflix. The streaming service is no doubt trying to cash in on the hysteria.

It's certainly a freaky time right now. No matter how low fatalities are for the virus, no matter how well people are doing in other countries. It's a freaky time. When I read that a father was weeping in a store, holding their four month old because there was no formula left, that's sad and freaky. When my state's governor decides to bring the National Guard into the state, that's freaky. When you walk into a store and can't find the basic necessities or when the President recommends going out with no more than ten people, that's just freaky. Even without the media over hyping everything to death.

Some find catharsis in the darkness however. Including me. Right now, I am watching "House on Haunted Hill." The original from 1959. It's goofy and its gimmicky and it's strange. But its still one of my favorite horror films of all time. The "skateboard ghost" scene as I call it, is preposterously silly but still ultra freaky all at once. I study that scene and even though I laugh at it afterward, I still jump when watching it. I love Vincent Price in the movie, and I love as his "guests" are arriving at the house, he's announcing them off like they are contestants on a reality competition. It's currently available on Amazon Prime.

Streaming outlets are doing what they can to accommodate for the closing and shutdowns going on across the nation. So I wanted to take the time to record some of the best horror movies that are available to you right now, depending on which streaming services you own. You can enjoy these movies right now for free.

Amazon Prime

  • "House on Haunted Hill" 1959- What I am currently watching right now.
  • "Night of the Living Dead" 1968- A zombie classic that seems a little too fitting right now.
  • "Hereditary" 2018- Easily the scariest movie of the 21st Century so far.
  • "Suspiria" 2018- What a great remake should be.
  • "Midsommar" 2019- A pretty divisive movie across the board, but one I still find essential.
  • "Nosferatu" 1925- Yes, its a silent movie. But the make-up and the acting create something truly terrifying. I also think the zero dialogue makes it extra creepy.
  • "Willow Creek" 2014- It's a fairly standard found footage movie, but has one of the most dreadful long take sequences I've seen in awhile.
  • "House of the Devil" 2009 and "The Innskeepers" 2011- Two good movies by Ti West and they are both completely different from each other.
  • "Vampire Circus" 1972- Why would you not be curious about a movie with such a title?
  • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 1974- Good Old cannibalized BBQ for the whole family!
  • "Bone Tomahawk" 2015- A horror-western? Sign me up! 

  • "The Wicker Man" 1973- still pretty bone chilling and features a great performance by Christopher "Saruman" Lee.
  • "The Ring" 2002- Another great example of what a great remake should look like.
  • "Creep and Creep II" - Mark Duplass is freaking fantastic in both of these crazy films
  • "Tusk" 2015- I am not sure this is wholly a horror film, also kind of a cringe comedy. You be the judge. 
  • "The Witch" 2016- I am still very much in love with this highly disturbing little movie.
  • "The Evil Dead" 1981- Still a wonderful combination of funny and scary.
  • "The Autopsy of Jane Doe"- A wild ride from start to finish, and that's all you get from me!
  • "Green Room" 2016- A siege unlike any other, plus Patrick Stewart as a bad guy? I'm in.
  • "Child's Play"- Chucky is still a little sonofabitch!
  • "Train to Busan"- South Korean zombie recipe for the whole family!
  • "The Ritual"- Backwoods European cults and a disturbing looking monster? But of course!
  • "Insidious"- Still has one of the best recent jump scares.
  • "The Last Exorcism" 2010- If you haven't seen it yet, I promise it isn't the movie you think it is and was quite underrated upon release.
  • "Hush"- Deaf girl home alone whilst someone breaks in? Yep, sign me up!
  • "Paranormal Activity" 2009- Along with "Blair Witch Project," this jump started the found footage device, for better or worse.
  • "28 Days Later" 2002- Danny Boyle's authentic-looking running zombies movie is still pretty terrifying.
  • "The Cabin In The Woods 2012- A critique and a defense to the entire horror genre. You've basically seen every horror movie by seeing this movie. That's what I love most about it.
  • "A Quiet Place" 2018- So little dialogue so gosh-darn freaky!
  • "Overlord" 2018- Nazi experiments create super soldiers? Yikes!
  • "Paranormal Activity 2"- Still quite the sequel. I love that it expanded the story's mythology instead of treading water.
  • "Children of the Corn" 1984- Delightfully weird.
Some of these movies are available across multiple streaming services so be sure to do some looking of your own! Stay safe and healthy out there, y'all!

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