Saturday, March 21, 2020

March Madness: Heroes vs. Villains Round One Results

We started with 64 heroes and villains, and just like that we are down to 32. The first round of the sixth annual Heroes vs. Villains March Madness is over and just like a typical March Madness game, there were some big upsets and surprises. I have taken screenshots of all the results and you can see for yourself how things shook out.

As you can see only three of our four survived, as surprisingly The Tick took out Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In some other surprising match-ups, Mysterio just made it passed Emperor Palpatine, and the only two characters to receive all of their votes were Lord Voldemort and The Homelander. Telling from the pictures above, you can begin to see where things are going.

Movie Heroes
Batman (1) vs. Shazam! (8)
Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (12) vs. ElastiGirl (4)
Miles Morales (6) vs. John Wick (3)
Rick Dalton (10) vs. Lt. Mike Lowrey (2)

TV Heroes
The Tick (16) vs. Carl Winslow (9)
Brienne of Tarth (12) vs. Alfonso "Mack" Mackenzie (4)
The Punisher (6) vs. Uncle Phil (14)
Detective Rosa Sanchez (7) vs. The Mandalorian (2)

Movie Villains
Lord Voldemort (1) vs. Mysterio (8)
Anton Chigurh (5) vs. Hans Landa (4)
Howard Ratner (11) vs. Hans Gruber (3)
Frank Costello (10) vs. Arthur Fleck (2)

TV Villains
Tony Soprano (1) vs. Moff Gideon (8)
The Homelander (5) vs. Harley Quinn (4)
Barry Dylan (6) vs. Euron Greyjoy (3)
Dennis Reynolds (7) vs. Saul Goodman (2)

I am creating the ballot in Google Forms right now, this round will go until March 24th. Happy voting!

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