Monday, February 3, 2020

What we learned from the Marvel Disney+ Game Day spot

I hope anybody who watched last night's Super Bowl enjoyed the game. I would say it sure was an exciting one. One of my favorite things to see is the movie trailers. Even though they only range about thirty seconds long, they sure do end up being fun teases for what's coming.

One of the things I am very excited for are the Disney+ shows that will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think its a fun way to expand the universe. I just hope the movies will continue to be cohesive on their own without having to mention the shows. One of the traps "Solo: A Star Wars Story" fell into was the feeling of having to do homework just to watch a movie. Maybe with how this franchise has worked thus far, fans are already on board for that. Hell, we were teased and teased that TV shows were already taking place in the MCU. But these Disney+ shows are going to fully and completely take place in this universe, and that can lead to some pros and cons. Hopefully it all turns out well.

So far, I am definitely on board. That thirty second clip above featuring some small looks at "Falcon and The Winter Soldier," "WandaVision" and "Loki." They were fun looks and they have already brought up some fun questions regarding these shows and what will eventually happen in them.

In "Falcon and the Winter Soldier," we see Sam practicing with the new shield that Steve Rogers gave him. They are following modern comics closely here giving the Captain America mantle to Sam Wilson and I love it. I also love that Falcon and Bucky are still going to be buddies for this show. We see Bucky pointing a gun at Zemo, who is returning from "Captain America: Civil War" and seemingly will be the main villain here. Bucky points a gun at him, but seemingly drops bullets, does Bucky still have his HYDRA implants in? You'll notice that somebody who looks like Captain America is running on what looks like a football field. That is John Walker, being played by Wyatt Russell. Walker is also known as US Agent, a man who took up Cap's mantle while he was gone in the comics.

I think "WandaVision" might end up being my favorite of these shows. I love how gloriously weird the show looks. I love that it seems to be satirizing old television sitcoms. The thing is, I am not quite sure how much is real and how much is in Wanda's head. I wonder if her powers are starting to wig out on her, which is what happened in the "House of M" storyline in the comics. I wonder if Vision is meant to be real or if he is in Wanda's head. Wanda appears to be pregnant in some moments of the trailer and there is a gag where we see two pacifiers fly into the air. It looks like the rumors of Wanda's children, Wiccan (a magic user like his mama) and Speed (super-speed like his uncle) will appear in the show. With "Avengers: Endgame" introducing Cassie Lang as an older girl and the movie going out of its way to show Harley Keener at Tony Stark's wedding, I really think we are going to get a Young Avengers movie or show some time down the line.

The look at "Loki" really isn't much. It just shows Tom Hiddleston sitting in what looks like an interrogation room talking about burning the place down. The big takeaway from this short scene is the logo on what appears to be a prison uniform worn by Loki. The symbol on Loki's prison uniform reads TVA. In the comics, this stands for Time Variance Authority, which is basically Marvel's time police. This show isn't about Loki who we saw die at the hands of Thanos. This is the Loki who stole the Tesseract and left with it in "Avengers:Endgame." This Loki started a new timeline and the new show will follow this timeline. Looks like Loki gets in trouble traveling through the multiverse. Yep, its true. It really looks like the multiverse is going to be very important to the next phase of the MCU. I am really beginning to believe that Secret Wars is going to be the next Infinity War-level event. Which is totally fine with me.

With Zemo being in "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and Thaddeus Ross apparently appearing in "Black Widow," there are rumors that the MCU is about to deliver a version of The Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts are, for all intents and purposes, the Marvel version of DC's Suicide Squad. A bunch of supervillains and anti-heroes brought together to do work for the government. Since Tony Stark is dead and Cap is an old man, Black Widow is dead and Thor is off-earth, the future of the Avengers as a team is unclear right now. There are rumors that Thaddeus Ross (who eventually becomes Red Hulk and becomes a member of the Thunderbolts) will want to make his own superpowered team. That team may end up being the Thunderbolts if true. There are plenty of villains still alive in this universe, and according to Kevin Feige we will see some of them again in some capacity. Zemo was a member of the Thunderbolts in the comics. John "US Agent" Walker was a warden of a prison that held many of the members of the team too. Much evidence seems to be pointing to the debut of this team (The "Black Widow" mid-credit scene may also hint at this, but I read that on which is a fucking clickbait site.)

I don't know how I feel about a supervillain team in the MCU. Simply because DC already has Suicide Squad up and running and I think people will see it as a knock-off. But for right now, this is all speculation and I wouldn't treat any of this concrete yet.

Did you like this spot? Are you excited for these shows? 

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