Thursday, January 2, 2020

Rest of the Best 2019

After much debate and deliberation, I finally published my top 100 movies of the decade. You can find links to the whole list in its entirety wrapped in that one article. If you haven't read it yet, I'd love it if you did so, I am always up for a little feedback. I also bring it up because I realized something, ten movies from 2019 made my Best of the Decade List. I hope that's a testament to just how strong of a year 2019 was at the movies.

Are those the only ten movies worth merit from 2019? Anybody who has been reading this blog or knows me well enough knows that this is simply not the case. I write this blog for free because I love movies. Love pointing stuff out that I think needs its own spotlight. There are many more movies from 2019 besides "Parasite," "Avengers: Endgame," "Us," "Midsommar," "The Irishman," "Uncut Gems" "The Farewell," "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," "Booksmart" and "Marriage Story." Even if I do love those movies a little bit more.

Even though we just finished a decade, we also just finished a year. So I did want to give 2019 a nice send-off, but also without repeating myself a whole bunch. So, in alphabetical order, here are 15 movies that made 2019 a joy in theaters for me. I couldn't imagine 2019 without them and quite frankly, I don't want to.

1. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood
This could have gone any which way, and I am so happy that it ended up on the great side of things. I never would have imagined Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers, but thinking back on it, its kind of perfect.

2. Brightburn
The fictional origin of "Evil Superman" is a movie I didn't realize that I needed this year. Super cool and way better then I ever would have expected.

3. Doctor Sleep
The greatest Stephen King adaptation in years. A movie that embraces his scares and the silliness that sometimes occupies his brain. And taking place in the universe established by Stanley Kubrick? Even cooler.

4. Dolemite is My Name
I never thought I'd see Eddie Murphy alive and well once again. But man, did he just prove why he's been missed. Please throw him a nomination, Academy. Yes, he's that good.

5. Hail Satan?
Don't throw shade my way until you've actually seen the movie. It's that much of an eye-opener.

6. I Lost My Body
Forget Pixar and Dreamworks and all of those cuddly animation studios. "I Lost My Body" was the most piercing, most powerful and most provocative animated movie of 2019. Easy.

7. Jojo Rabbit
I've known for awhile now Taika Waititi is poised to be the next big thing in the world of comedy. With "Jojo Rabbit," though, well, he just proved why he matters.

8. Knives Out
Probably the most fun I had at the movies all year long.

9. Monos
Heartbreaking and uplifting all in equal measure.

10. Rocketman
Finally, a music biopic that shows a music biopic can be tons of fun and not feel like a Wikipedia page come to life! Seriously, the best music biopic since "I Walk The Line"

11. Shazam!
Yes, I know, I'm a Marvel boy. But that doesn't mean I want DC to fail. If this is what their future looks like, I'm there. No question about it.

12. The Last Black Man In San Francisco
The smallest movie on this list packed the biggest punch!

13. The Lighthouse
If Robert Eggers could just be in charge of ALL of our horror moving forward, that'd be great!

14. The Report
Adam Driver had a wonderful year in 2019 (I am forgiving him for Rise of Skywalker, completely) and this was one of the most eye-opening movies of the year!

15. The Souvenir
Go ahead and keep telling me how easy relationships are...

Take these 15 movies plus the 10 I listed above that made my Best of Decade List and binge them all. You'll have a wildly awesome ride ahead of you. Happy New Year Ladies and Gents, tell me what movies you saw in 2019 that meant the most to you!

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