Monday, December 2, 2019

The trailer and personal theories revolving around "Antebellum"

As I was watching "Knives Out" at the theater yesterday, this trailer caught my eye. This is a new movie coming this Spring from the producers of "Get Out" and "Us." That does not mean Jordan Peele, but his producers are behind this. It does look cut from the same cloth as Peele's two movies. If Hollywood wants to make a bunch of Twilight Zone-esque social satires, I'm all for it.

This first teaser trailer for "Antebellum" is everything a teaser should be. It teases. I am getting sick and tired of trailers that give away half or all of an entire movie. This trailer puts the hooks in without giving any of the story away.

So since the story is still mysterious, what do we think is happening in this movie?

There are several scenes of Janelle Monae in slave times and also a couple in modern times. She seems to be seeing a white girl from slave times in her apartment complex. There are also a couple of scenes where what appears to be her kidnapping by a white person in a black car. Many have leaped to the conclusion that racists are kidnapping black people and sending them back to slave times. Which is an interesting and terrifying concept.

But the tageline of the trailer says "If it chooses you, there is no escape" so I wonder if racists are using some sort of curse to make black people appear in slave times. There is also a scene in the slave times where a bunch of slaves look into the sky and see an airplane, so perhaps people are getting stuck in an alternate reality? Or some kind of real world VR or something akin to "Westworld?" Janelle's character also keeps seeing a little white girl from slave times, which makes me wonder if she is under some kind of curse or that perhaps her building is haunted in some way.

Time travel is the popular theory here, but some clues in the trailer make me think that isn't the case.

Much like with "Us" discussing what the movie means and what is happening in it will be fun until April.

What do you all think?

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