Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Black Widow trailer

Well, this has been a long time coming.

Black Widow has been pretty much the spine of the Avengers for years and it seems a little wild that we are just getting around to a stand-alone adventure with her. Especially given where she ends up after "Endgame." But hey, I will take what I can get. I hope that despite this being a prequel, that some of the characters introduced in this movie will stick around to some capacity. I really hope that Marvel isn't planning on blowing Red Guardian and Yelena Belova on one movie. Especially since they got David Harbour and Florence Plugh to play them.

"Black Widow" will apparently take place after "Captain America: Civil War," so this will be when Black Widow is on the run after she helped Cap and Bucky escape the German airport. I also wonder if this will take place during the time when Cap and Bucky were trying to find Zemo. Because the way the characters were acting in "Infinity War," Cap, Widow and Sam all seemed to be together for awhile in that. But there is a stretch of time where this storyline will make sense. I am sure they will no problem tying it all together, so I am not worried.

I love Rachel Weisz in everything she does, so its nice to see here.

David Harbour as Red Guardian made me laugh out loud, love it.

I love that we have a freaking spy movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it feels like a full-fledged spy movie too.

Despite what Twitter says, let's just see what happens with Taskmaster before we start judging his look.

There is a shot of Budapest, so I DO wonder if this will jump around Black Widow's past a little bit.

Yep, Marvel. Once again, you have my interest. I can't wait to see this.

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