Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Review: "Lady and The Tramp" is "just" another live action remake

Lady and the Tramp Review
When I wrote my review of the live-action "Lion King" earlier this year (and its still crazy to even call it that) I expressed my disappointment with how its basically just a cooler looking version of the old film. Most of the live action remakes coming from Disney had something new, provocative and neat about them. They felt like updates, other than the obvious no more animation. But I just didn't get that from "Lion King," which made me sad because its my favorite Disney movie of all time and I think it deserved better than what it got.

I can say the same thing about "Lady and the Tramp." Its basically a glorified versions of the original. Nothing super new is added. Except maybe no more racist cats? Which is definitely a good thing. But that's the real major change, from what I remember at least. I think Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson do good voice work. I think each human actor is cast pretty perfectly here. Hearing Sam Elliots voice come out of a dog's mouth might be one of the highlights of the year. But really, this is just a remake for a remake's sake.

Its so eerily similar that it makes it tough to review...

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