Tuesday, October 15, 2019

31 Days of Halloween: "Monster Squad" 1987

What would you do if the classic monsters of yesteryear got together to try and kill you?

That's essentially "Monster Squad" in a nutshell. It's a crazier, yet more fun version of "The Goonies." The Monster Squad is group of pre-teen friends who are obsessed with the Universal Monster movies. They know all of their trivia, they know each old movie and each character by heart. They have a strict code and you really need to know your shit if you are going to join them. They club consists of Sean, the leader and his friends Patrick, Horace and Rudy. This being a 1980's movie, of course Sean has a obnoxious sibling who wants to join the club, and of course these poor guys get bullied at school.

Sean's family was given a diary, one that apparently belonged to monster hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. The only problem is that the entire diary is in German. There is an elderly man in their neighborhood, one they sort of fear. Again, because this is an 1980's movie there's a creepy neighbor who happens to be German. Once the kids officially meet him, he's a kind gentlemen. He gladly translates the diary for the Monster Club.

The club learns of an amulet that is full of good energy. Once a century, when good and evil are in balance, the indestructable amulet becomes vulnerable for destruction. The monsters are searching for the amulet so that they can destroy it, that way nothing can stop them from world domination. The kids learn further in the diary that they must find the amulet, and on the balance day at the stroke of midnight, use it to cast the monsters into limbo. Count Dracula gets the Wolfman, the Gill-Man, the Frankenstein Monster, and the Mummy to help him look for he amulet.

Its broad stroked and goofy fun. The make-up effects are pretty nifty. It's a pretty fun concept. Like I said, kind of like "Goonies," even though I have to admit, I think I prefer this.

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