Wednesday, October 23, 2019

31 Days of Halloween: "Coraline" 2009

Most of the movies I've recommended so far on this series are all horror movies, R-rated movies. I haven't recommended many movies that were age appropriate. Many kids look forward to Halloween. They love dressing up, they love the candy, they love being out at night. I certainly thought it was cool, and was always one of my favorite times each year. Still is, actually. I am happy I get to share this holiday with a little one of my own.

I figured I should recommend something for the whole family. If you think your kids will be horror crazy kids, if you want to slowly begin to introduce the creepy and the spooky to them, "Coraline" is a nice place to start. "Coraline" is a beautiful, brilliant little animated film. It also features some spooky atmosphere, but nothing that should disturb little ones.

Coraline is a little girl who recently moves into a new house. Her family seems distant, and as she explores the house, she finds a hidden doorway. When she opens the locked doorway with a ghost key, there is a brick wall in place. The brick wall disappears at night. When she is taken behind the wall, she meets different versions of her parents. These versions are much nicer and attentive to her needs, but they buttons for eyes. As she spends more time in this alternative world, she discovers that something much more sinister exists there.

The movie is full of crazy ideas and concepts. I love the bat dogs, literal bat dogs. I love the talking cat voiced so perfectly by Keith David, I love all the song numbers. Children will be delighted by what they find on screen here. There is also some interesting commentary on how family dynamics change, how we need family and how we argue with those we love sometimes.

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