Wednesday, October 30, 2019

31 Days of Halloween: "Candyman" 1992

Do me a favor real quick. Go to your nearest mirror in your house. Shut off the lights. Say the word candyman while staring into the mirror, say the word five times in a row. If you do supposedly the Candyman appears and kills you. Are you brave enough to do it? Even though "Candyman" is just a movie, there are some people who aren't brave enough to say the word five times in a row in a mirror. 

I hadn't seen "Candyman" in a few years, and I kind of forgot how jumpy the movie is. Usually the jump scares really don't work for me, but I was pretty taken aback by the jump scares in this movie. That's one component to how scary "Candyman" is. Then there is Tony Todd. Man, I have always liked this guy but he comes alive in this movie as the title character. Todd has one of those voices where each character he plays becomes instantly iconic. At the same time, no two characters he plays are ever alike. You see the "Candyman" then see who he plays in something like "The Rock," two different characters entirely. But he is super spooky in "Candyman" and he's one of the reasons the movie works so well.

For anyone who hasn't seen this gem, long ago a man was viciously murdered for being black, then his body is burned and the ashes are spread in an area that will become inner city Chicago. A curse slowly finds its way into this part of the city. That's where the urban legend of the Candyman comes from. Virginia Madsen plays Helen Lyle, a graduate student who is writing a thesis on urban legends. She eventually becomes swept up in the Candyman legend and she slowly becomes entranced by the power of the Candyman. He eventually begins to frame her for his murders, and she must prove her innocence. 

The movie has several genuinely scary scenes. I also love that the movie ends in a fashion that isn't typical to happy endings. While something good happens, something sinister has taken evil's place, and that is a jetblack happy ending if I've ever seen one. It's a great little creeper. Jordan Peele is gearing up to be involved in some type of sequel/revival, and I'll be interested to see what he does with it.  

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