Monday, September 23, 2019

RIP Sid Haig

RIP Sid Haig

As the outpouring of affection towards Sid Haig's passing continues tonight, I am reading over and over again that Haig was merely a horror icon. While that was a huge part of his career throughout the 21st Century, that hardly begins to define Haig's whole career.

Did you know that Haig appeared in a James Bond movie? Did you know he was one of King Tut's henchman in the 1960's "Batman" TV show with Adam West? Did you know he appeared on the TV show "Mission: Impossible?" Did you know he was a regular for producer-director Roger Corman? Did you know he had a television career that included "Gunsmoke," "Star Trek" and "Charlie's Angels?"

He was typically a villain, he showed up as a villain in many of the Blaxploitation movies of the late 1960's and 1970's. What is Blaxploitation? Sadly, its a sub-genre that doesn't really exist anymore. You could call the sub-genre film noir with attitude, but even that doesn't quite describe it. Haig showed up as a villain in countless of these films, my personal favorite being "Coffy."

I don't want to take away from the work he did with Rob Zombie in recent years. Captain Spaulding is character that is going to live on in the horror genre now as long as we are talking about horror villain icons. Haig just had a bigger career than I feel he's getting credit for. I hope you explore every corner of his filmography.

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