Monday, September 9, 2019

Review: "Ready Or Not" is a wild, kick-ass, dark comedy ride!

Ready or Not Review
Its amazing sometimes how comedy seems to walk hand in hand with horror. When you look at something like slapstick, and you are seeing really awful things happening to people, and the only thing that's making you not cover your eyes is the funny situation of it all. Sometimes the situations presented in horror movies could make good comedies, and if a script was altered just a bit, could be funny as well. I love both genres dearly and when the kowtow the same line, great fun can be had. 

"Ready or Not" is huge fun. It takes a simple premise ripe for both scares and satire, and the crew wrings everything out of it they possibly can. It's brought together by a tremendous ensemble. Its goofy and gory in equal measure, and staying too self-serious but also not so silly that it comes off cheesy. 

Margot Robbie look-alike Samara Weaving plays Grace and when we meet her she's mere hours from getting married. Her soon-to-be husband Alex Le Domas (Mark O'Brien) has brought Grace to her family's secluded mansion for a beautiful wedding. They are both excited, lubby-dubby. You know the feeling if you're married at this point, its exciting for them and we feel the love. The fast-forwards to the end of the night and the couple is still very happy. Alex has one more surprise for Grace though, in fact his whole family does (that features such wonderful actors, like Adam Brody, Henry Czerny and Andie MacDowell). Czerny plays the head of Alex's family and he described a tradition the Le Domas family partakes in every time a member is married. There was a long tradition where a great Le Domas relative made a deal with a mysterious Mr. Le Bail (never seen in the actual movie), where the Le Domas family will stay rich and fortunate if they keep up a certain tradition of Mr. Le Bail's choosing. Since the Le Domas family had several game businesses, they play a game in which a player draws a card, whatever activity shows up on the card, they have to participate in.

So when Grace sits down to choose a card, she chooses "Hide and Seek." Yep, the Hide and Seek game. Seems harmless enough right? She's had plenty to drink, had a fun night, so why not, right?
Unbeknownst to Grace as she goes to hide though, that the Le Domas family plans to kill her. The Le Domas family has to sacrifice somebody to Mr. Le Bail before dawn or Mr. Le Bail will kill them all. Grace eventually catches on to what is happening to her, and she tries to survive the night as Alex betrays him family and tries to help her.

What ensues is a wild mix between "You're Next" and "Clue." A movie that successfully thrills, while also making you laugh out loud at the circumstances. It's a very violent movie, and there are some fun jumps. But this is mostly a thrilling movie, a big bloody ball of fun for fans of this type. Sure, its predictable for most of its sadly brief runtime, but there are a couple of curve balls thrown at the audience, only here and there. The fun is kept alive.

Whatever familiarity you see in this movie is taken over by how crazy a good time you are going to have. So GO and have fun.


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