Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: "Batman: Hush" is another satisfying DC animation installment

Batman: Hush Review
The general consensus is that "Batman: Hush" is one of the best Batman stories ever told. Originally written by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, it tells the story of how a mysterious new villain called Hush tries to destroy Batman. Hush recruits a whose-who of Batman villains, and the story features many fun twists and turns. It's ripe for a good adaptation, and still to this day, I am blown away we haven't seen Hush show up in the live-action movies yet. But, I have enjoyed, time and time again, the wonderful animated DC movies, and it seemed like a perfect fit.

Is this movie a frame-by-frame direct retelling of the original comic book? No, they made some differences. Honestly, some of the differences make up my list of gripes. In the novel, Hush is revealed to be Thomas Elliot. Elliot is an old friend of Bruce Wayne, they grew up as friends. Elliot has some dark secrets and demons and he blames the Wayne family for them, which explains why he becomes a villain later on. He knows seemingly everything about Bruce Wayne, even that he's Batman. He remains several steps ahead of Batman during his whole plot, always covering his tracks. While he gets other villains involved it is essentially his plan. This movie changes things up a bit, and I don't think I liked the differences here. Without giving anything away, they take away that prowess of Elliot and it rubbed me wrong. 

But hey, Batman gets a pretty fleshed out romance with Catwoman. I mean, it gets really fleshed out. Some really good development takes place here. Its cool to see Catwoman as a believable anti-hero, as she's been an on again, off again villain for awhile. 

The animation is, as to be expected, top notch. It's a harrowing adventure that plays a little rougher, if you are getting tired of all the kid-friendly superhero movies coming out. This is yet another good animated movie to add to the collection.

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