Sunday, July 21, 2019

Star Trek: Picard

One of the earliest things my family used to watch was "Star Trek," and the first "Star Trek" show I watched was "Star Trek: The Next Generation." One of the earliest heroes of TV I got introduced to was Captain Jean Luc Picard. I can't say that I remember every episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." I also don't think I saw each of the movie with that particular cast, but everything I do remember, I enjoyed.

I love the idea of Patrick Stewart returning as Picard and getting his own show on CBS All Access. The trailer looks awesome, and I really like that he's going back up into space with a new crew. I love that Data is coming back and Jeri Ryan from Voyager will be making an appearance. I have no clue if this will even parallel Discovery in any way, because I really haven't been watching that. I have no clue where at in the timeline that show would fall. All I can say is that this definitely looks intriguing.

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