Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Review: "Stuber" has a few laughs, but mostly routine

Stuber Review
Kumail Nanjani was in "The Big Sick" in 2017, and he also guest appeared on a few episodes of "Archer." I also really enjoyed "Silicon Valley." Dave Bautista got lots of tough guy roles starting out thanks to his macho persona as a professional wrestler. But "Guardians of the Galaxy" proved that he had some good comedic timing and could be surprisingly sincere at times too. The two of them together should make for a pretty great comedy. When it was announced they'd be in "Stuber," a sort of buddy comedy of sorts, I figured it would be a big win for the summer.

For the most part, "Stuber" is pretty good. Both Nanjani and Bautista have some really good comedic timing and they carry the movie with charisma. Nanjani plays a disgruntled Uber Driver named Stu who is forced by an aggressive cop Vic (Bautista) to drive him around town in order to find a drug lord Oka Teijo (Iko Uwais). There is some good dialogue and some silly situations with the pair. Nanjani has that deadpan anxiety that he has very well perfected. Bautista has that mild-mannered persona on full force and that stern voice throughout. They surely are funny together.

The movie itself feels like its over before it really begins. It moves pretty fast. Vic has a dilemma of not being there for his daughter (Natalie Morales). Stu has problems with his other job and also doesn't know how to tell a girl in his life that he has feelings for them. It's all pretty pedestrian as character development and the movie never really takes the time to explore anything to its fullest degree. Things seem to happen out of convenience instead of actual development. While Nanjani and Bautista have some funny scenes together, they are mostly few and far between. In any comedy, the most important thing that should happen is how often I laugh. If I am not laughing that much, I call that a serious problem with any comedy. These guys are both hilarious, they deserved a better script.

One thing I did like was that Iko and Bautista throw down, that was awesome.

"Struber" boils down to pretty much how you think it will. If you don't need too much from your entertainment, these two guys should have enough starpower to carry the day. Its passable, I just wish it wasn't such a rushed experience.


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