Monday, July 15, 2019

Review: "Crawl" is big goofball fun

Crawl Review

It seems like we are entering a period of time where we get one summer movie that only exists to please. Last year, we got "The Meg," a big-budget movie about a giant shark. I believe I remember saying that it was like those cheesy movies you see on the SyFy channel, except it happened to star Jason Statham. This year, we get "Crawl." About a strong hurricane that hits Florida and how a daughter must save her father entrenched in a flooding house. Oh, and also, they are being hunted by alligators.

Your enjoyment of "Crawl" is going to depend solely on you. Make no mistake, "Crawl" as a movie does kind of stink. But its not an offensively bad movie. Its not an embarrassingly bad movie. Its not the type of bad movie that will make you feel bad for watching it after. Its a goofy bad movie. It could very well end up ranking highly on your guilty pleasures list. The acting is better than whatever you see on the Syfy channel, so there's that. The special effects isn't bad, sorta. The movie has some one-liners that will either make you roll your eyes or snicker to yourself. Best of all, there is a sweet dog in the movie and it survives to the end. That spoiler I will share with you.

The two main players are Haley Keller and her father Dave Keller. Kaya Scodelario plays Haley and Barry Pepper (where the hell has he been?) plays Dave. Haley has been swimming for many years, and while she's been a very good swimmer all of her life, her father used to coach her. Dave is the kind of coach who is kind of cold and kind of a hard-ass, which rubbed Haley the wrong way, so he doesn't coach her anymore. Alas, she still loves him, so when a Category Five hurricane hits their home deep in Florida, she goes to check on him while their town gets evacuated. Haley finds her dad in a flooding house and like I said, alligators eventually attack. There is pretty thin layer of character development just to get things going, but not much development is inflated from there. We get just enough to set up two characters to survive and work with each other against the alligators. But do you really go to a movie like "Crawl" for character development?

No you don't. This is a great audience movie. This is something you go to a big auditorium full of people who want to see it. This is a movie to hoot and holler for. You can't get that kind of experience at home. This is not a movie you nitpick for what makes a movie a movie, because "Crawl" only exists to please, that is all. 

Do you need anymore reason to see this?


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