Thursday, June 13, 2019

Doctor Sleep Trailer

It was my dad that got me on Stephen King. One of the first King books I read was "The Shining."

I didn't see the Stanley Kubrick movie until much later in life, and even though it really isn't the book, Kubrick was able to make something that still truly terrifying. There are some adaptations that truly ADAPT the books, and sometimes there are REACTIONS to things. I believe Kubrick's "Shining" was a reaction.

In 2013, Stephen King wrote a book called Doctor Sleep and picked up Danny Torrence, the main character in "The Shining," as an adult. They are now adapting the movie into the book and it really, really looks like a straight up sequel to Kubrick's classic.

There are going to be some things that will be interesting about this adaptation. In the Kubrick movie, the chef Dick Hallorann died, he did not die in the book, and he later teaches Danny to restrain his shining powers, as Dick has them too. I wonder if that will just be a thing in the movie that gets omitted. There is updated imagery here I never thought I'd see again, and its certainly made me curious to see.

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