Wednesday, May 8, 2019

HBO's "Watchmen" trailer

Okay, so this isn't movie news, but HBO is releasing a series based on the "Watchmen" graphic novel. For anybody who doesn't know, "Watchmen" was a graphic novel written by Alan Moore in the 1980'S, and it kind of blew comic book material wide open. It was a story that helped usher in a "darker" age for comic books, but it won many major awards. It allowed people to treat comic books like real literature, to take it seriously. It is widely regarded as a wonderful piece of work. Its one of those stories I actually deemed unfilmable.

The only person to try is Zack Snyder, and while he gave a valiant effort and while his cast did what they could, something felt off about it. It shouldn't really have looked like a regular comic book movie and all the green-screens and slow motion action scenes felt like they didn't belong, it felt a disjointed as a story. Its just that the whole endeavor felt off. It took a long to get the movie off the ground and it still just felt off.

The HBO series isn't an adaptation of the movie, but a sequel to the book. I think at least, the information is very minimal at this point. Telling from the trailer though, it looks like a world that takes place after Rorschach's journal is published in the New Frontiersman. Plus Adrian Veidt is played by Jeremy Irons, so it has to be a much later period in the timeline. It looks like the journal has inspired a militia. The trailer really doesn't give much story away, but its high on Easter Eggs

I am a huge fan of the book, and I guess I am curious to see where this leads.

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