Friday, April 12, 2019

Star Wars 9 trailer

The Episode 9 trailer is here.

The title has been revealed...

Get ready for "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker!"

I wish I was making this up, but I am not.

Its a pretty quick teaser. Not many plot details revealed. We get a nice scene of Rey doing some cool Jedi stuff over what I presume is a Luke voiceover. It was nice to see Lando again. There is something about Luke's voiceover though. "Nobody is really gone." So that means Luke Force ghost, yes.

The movie is called Rise of Skywalker, so that means Kylo lied to Rey, right? Shes related to the family somehow right? Or does Kylo redeem himself? Thats a little too familiar.

That laugh at the end? That's Palpatine, yes? So, what are we thinking? Force ghost? Clone?

Look, I will see this just to see how they wrap things up, but "The Last Jedi" has certainly tempered my feelings about this. I don't care how much money these things have made. I don't care what the fanboys say, Disney messed up. They did. This could have been a golden goose for years but they burned it down. The fallout from The Last Jedi made "Solo" a box office disappointment. There is a reason that Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the movies are going on hiatus after episode nine. There is a reason why the anthology movies have stopped altogether. Disney messed this thing up a bit. I can only hope that JJ Abrams can stick some kind of landing.

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