Monday, April 8, 2019

March Madness Heroes vs. Villains All-Stars...The Winner is...

That was a quick few weeks.

Starting in March, we pit some of the most popular characters from movies and TV, heroes and villains, then have you vote for your favorites. After four years of doing this, I decided to try something different. I brought back a bunch of characters who went far in the passed years, to see who was the ultimate hero or villain. The results are in, and now we can claim a winner...

Batman had some stiff competition. We've had some big names show up over the last few years. From Indiana Jones to John McClane, the voting was pretty fierce throughout Batman's entire journey, there was nothing about this that was easy. Even when Batman faced the TV Hero Champion...Buffy The Vampire never got easier. But Batman remained persistent. Batman has received his fourth MMHvV championship, winning four out of the five competitions.

This year particularly had a great voter turn-out. For that, I want to give you all thanks. Next year, the Final Four return with a new list of challengers to face!

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