Saturday, April 6, 2019

March Madness Heroes vs. Villains All-Stars reaches its climax...

A few short weeks ago, I began an all-star edition of March Madness Heroes vs. Villains. I brought back a bunch of heroes and villains I had used in this event from the last four years to see who was the ultimate of awesome. There have been some big surprises along the way, because it wouldn't be a March Madness anything unless there were some surprises. In the end, we finally have our ultimate hero and our ultimate villain, and its time to crown a winner. For the first ever all-star edition of Heroes vs. Villains, we have Batman representing the heroes. He's a guy who has won four out of the five Heroes vs. Villains championships. Then we have Lord Voldemort, who went pretty far in our first ever event five years ago.

Look out for the polls on my social media outlets!Here's a link to my Twitter account. Here's a link to my Facebook account. You can also vote by emailing me at Or you can simply comment in the comment section below. You have ALL WEEKEND to vote. On Monday morning, we will have a winner.


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