Monday, April 1, 2019

March Madness Heroes vs Villains All-Stars. The FINAL FOUR

The vote is getting crazy. We are getting closer to the end. Things are heating up. We finally have our final four. No longer will characters be battling between movies and TV. Now, we are going to decide our final hero and our final villain. Then those two left standing will face each other once and for all.

For movies, it was an incredibly close vote between Batman and Indiana Jones. But for the character that has won four previous titles in this vote, its no surprise that Batman ended up on top. The big surprise was Lord Voldemort was able to whiz by Darth Vader, in a vote that was much closer than I would have predicted.

On the TV side of things, it was also a total upset. I would not have guessed that Tony Soprano would have beat Walter White, but he did. Somehow he did. Then in the hero bracket, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was somehow able to beat Daryl Dixon. Didn't see either of those coming, but hey, nobody predicts a perfect bracket. Do they? Has that actually ever happened? I don't know.

It's hero vs hero and villain vs villain now. By April 5th, we will have our two representatives in the darkness and the light. You can vote on the polls I set on my social media. You can email me at or fire off in the comment section below. Find me on Facebook here. Find me on Twitter here.


Batman vs. Buffy


Lord Voldemort vs. Tony Soprano

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