Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Gemini Man trailer

Well, even though "Avengers: Endgame" had its world premiere last night, and there have been spoiler-free reviews beginning to pop up online, something else seems to be grabbing hold of people's conversations today.

"Gemini Man" definitely looks interesting. A clone of some type of assassin is hired to kill the person he was cloned from. At least I think its a clone. Maybe not. One version of the character is younger than their counterpart. Which is the most absorbing reason to watch the trailer. It literally looks like you are looking at young Will Smith and older Will Smith who both somehow ended up in a movie together. It is a trippy, trippy trailer to look at. When the Marvel movies use CGI to de-age actors, I can see the trickery, slightly of course. When the Star Wars movies brought entire actors back to life, I could easily see the trickery. I can't see the trickery in the special effects I am looking at here. I don't see a single shred of movie magic. That is bracing to me.

I do have a little pause though. The movie is being made by Ang Lee, a director who sadly hasn't blown me away ever. The movie is also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and I've been wonder where the hell he's been for the last decade or so. The movie has a few ups, it's not a sequel, its not based on a piece of random nostalgia. It looks like something that is brand new on all fronts, and that perks my interest at least. I will definitely be curious to see this in a theater, just to get lost in the special effects. I really hope the movie is good too.

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