Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Toy Story 4 Full First Trailer

Well, I'll give Pixar this, "Toy Story 4" has completely received my attention. My full attention.

I've already discussed at great lengths why I wished a "Toy Story 4" didn't happen. I've already discussed exhaustively about great trilogies and how few of those we have. It seems to me that Pixar has collectively decided to stop being creative and just make product. But there is something about this trailer that gives me hope. What is it about the "Toy Story" franchise that Pixar gets so right? Is it because it was their first movie? The hit that got the studio rolling? Could be. It just seems like they've really put lots of effort into these movies, as if they are the only franchise that matter.

Maybe Pixar will break the mold on this one. There's a first time for everything, right? Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have already said some wonderful things. But they are supposed to, right? Would you go to see "Toy Story 4" if you knew it sucked? I probably would not. But there is something special about this trailer. Maybe I loved the first three movies so much that I desperately want this one to work too. I hope it does. If we get four great movies, history will be made.

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