Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Review: Warner Brothers Animation strikes again with "Reign of the Supermen"

Reign of the Supermen Review
If there was one thing I wished for, I wished that the DC animated movies being made at Warner Brothers Animation got theatrical releases. If people knew just how cool the brand is and what it would be like for people to make good DC movies, the DCEU would be fine right now. There is so much more to the DC Universe than just Batman and Superman, and ironically enough, I tell you that writing a review for a Superman movie.

"Reign of the Supermen" is yet another winner for the DC animated movies. Just another title to be added to an already impressive direct-to-video list. They are all fun movies. Some of them connect with each other, and some don't. That's okay though. Just like Marvel is doing with their cinematic universe, the animated side of DC filmmaking is really taking chances, doing fun things. I mean, we have a Batman and the Ninja Turtles movie coming soon. This is how much fun Warner Brothers is having with these characters and again, I wish it was shared by all.

This story takes place after the legendary "Death of Superman" saga, a story huge in scale that "Batman vs. Superamn" just kind of glossed over. There is a fight with Doomsday in the comics, and it leads to Superman's death. In the years that follow Superman's passing, several other heroes wearing that big, red S begin showing up. (Because it typical DC fashion, it's biggest heroes have about five allies with similar powers.) We have a Cyborg Superman, Steel Superman (as in the same character Shaquille O'Neal played in the 90s), a harsh version called The Eradicator and Superboy. Superboy is bankrolled by Lex Luthor, who uses this opportunity for political and social ends. 

But of course, this whole event is being manipulated by another force. Because of course it is. That is the nature of comic book stories. All the supermen have to figure out what is going on. Who is manipulating this situation and why? What is there end of the bargain.

I am not familiar with all things DC, I don't have that encyclopedic knowledge that I have with most Marvel titles, simply because I am more of a Marvel comics reader than DC. Even though I like both companies just fine. So there were some fun twists that I didn't see coming. For awhile, it seemed like Warner Brothers Animation was doing nothing but Batman-oriented stories, so seeing one dominated by Superman was a nice change of pace. Its humorous to see all the different Superman personalities clash. 

It's also just loads of fun to watch.


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