Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Review: "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" is certainly the third chapter

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Review
By the third film in a children's franchise, you know whether or not you are interested. Most children's movie franchises specifically tread water. I'm not entirely sure that has to do with laziness or easy money. Children's movies are simply that, childrens movies. They are family movies. These are the events you can take the whole family to. You can go to something like "How To Train Your Dragon" and expect something in the vein of "Memento" or "The Usual Suspects." You just can't. There is a rhythm that has set into the genre. If you like a certain franchise's characters or like how they handle stories, chances are you have a better time taking your kids to that franchise.

The "How To Train Your Dragon" trilogy has really made three movies that feel quite a bit alike. When you break them down to their nooks and crannies that is. But that's okay, these movies are harmless fluff. They are loads of fun, and this third entry is loads of fun. You all probably know what I am talking about. Hell, most of you probably beat me to the punch on this one. The way the box office is playing out for this one, it seems the whole world has seen it by now.

If you by chance haven't seen this one yet. Well, the animation is pretty dog-gone spectacular. There is one scene in particular that I think deserves seeing this third entry on the best screen you can find. Yes, it is that spectacular of a scene.

I'll keep this one short. If you feel like proceeding, proceed. If not, then don't. Or maybe you should. It is a fun one.


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