Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Midsommar trailer

For many horror fans, "Hereditary" was a big splash of appeal and uniqueness to the horror genre. Me? I wasn't initially crazy for it. But I've watched it more over the months and it certainly has grown on me. I am taken aback by the ambition of it, the quiet terror of it and it certainly is a weird movie. In the most spooky of ways, that is. "Hereditary" director Ari Aster is coming back for seconds this year with "Midsommar," his next film which is set to hit theaters in August 2019.

Much like the original teaser trailer for "Hereditary," there is a subtle creep factor to this trailer that shall surely draw horror fans in right away. I know I certainly got the creeps, sitting down in my living room all by myself. I also like, also similar to the "Hereditary" teaser, that very little of the story was given away. It looks like the movie takes place at some cult compound. Which means I personally won't sleep for weeks. Cults creep me out for some reason. "The Sacrament" worked on me much more than most, and I am absolutely terrified of "The Wicker Man." Even though the update with Nic Cage has diluted that fear just a little bit.

I hope this will be another chilling entry in the career of a filmmaker who looks to be revving up for something memorable.

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