Sunday, March 24, 2019

March Madness Heroes vs Villains All-Stars, The Sweet Sixteen!

Ever since this started a few weeks ago, this battle of characters were went far in this very poll over the last four years, the voting has been very close. Sometimes, almost too close to call. I have never seen some polls go so close in a single March Madness poll any year. So its been pretty crazy. But here are the results from Round Two, and who is moving onto the Sweet Sixteen.

In the Movie Hero camp, Shuri lost a very close battle to Indiana Jones, only a difference between a few votes. So it seems like the reining champion from last year, she's been knocked off. James Bond beat Spider-Man in another close vote. John McClane will advance over Wonder Woman. And Batman beat Jyn Erso pretty well. In the TV hero camp, Goku surprisingly beat Arya Stark. Buffy beat Eleven. Jack Bauer beat Doctor Who and Daryl Dixon beat Spock. These were all incredibly close votes.

On the villain side of things, Lord Voldemort defeated Erik Killmonger. Tony Montana beat Saruman. Darth Vader beat The Joker. Thanos beat Chucky. On the TV side of things, Hannibal Lecter advances over Killgrave. Tony Soprano easily defeated Ramsay Bolton. Don Draper advances over Annalise Keating and Walter White absolutely demolished Negan. The closest votes for the TV villains were between Lecter and Killgrave, as well as Keating versus Draper.

Below are the match-ups for the Sweet Sixteen bout. You will have until March 29th to vote. Keep an eye on my social media as I post polls on them. You can also email me at who you want to see advance. You can also comment on the comment section below. You can find me on Twitter here, I post polls here for March Madness.

Indiana Jones (8) vs. James Bond (5)
John McClane (3) vs. Batman (2)

Goku (8) vs. Buffy (4)
Jack Bauer (3) vs. Daryl Dixon (2)

Lord Voldemort (9) vs. Tony Montana (4)
Darth Vader (6) vs. Thanos (2)

Dr. Hannibal Lecter (1) vs. Tony Soprano (4)
Don Draper (3) vs. Walter White (2)

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