Thursday, March 21, 2019

March Madness Heroes Vs. Villains All-Stars. Round Two Commences!

Maybe your Final Four bracket is doing great. Maybe its not. Over here on my site, there have already been some major surprises in the first round of voting. On the movie side of things, Shuri easily moved on, while Indiana Jones just barely made it past Han Solo in the battle of the Harrison Fords. James Bond edged out over John Rambo, in an incredibly close vote. Spider-Man just barely beat back Wolverine. Wonder Woman barely edged over Gandalf. John McClane faired pretty well against Trinity. Jyn Erso beat Ellen Ripley and Batman beat Rocket. On the TV heroes side, Arya defeated Frank Reagan easily, Goku beat B.A. Baracus. Eleven beat Ragnar. Doctor Who beat Mulder and Scully, but it was a rather close vote. Jack Bauer took a decisive victory over Melinda May. Daryl Dixon kicked Rick Sanchez out of the competition and Spock and Daredevil had a very close grudge match, with Spock prevailing in the end.

On the villain side of things, Killmonger, Saruman, Tony Montana, Darth Vader, The Joker, Chucky and Thanos moved on with a genuine sense of ease. The only close vote for movie villains was between the Xenomorph Queen and Lord Voldemort, with surprisingly Voldemort moving forward. On the TV villain side of things, Dr. Lecter moved on. Ramsay Bolton moved on as did Tony Soprano. Annalise Keating won a close victory over Claire Underwood. Don Draper surprisingly beat The Borg. Negan and Walter White easily moved forward though.

Here's a link to round one.  On to round two. This round will end on March 24th.

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Shuri (1) vs. Indiana Jones (8)
James Bond (5) vs. Spider-Man (13)
Wonder Woman (6) vs. John McClane (3)
Jyn Erso (7) vs. Batman (2)

Arya Stark (1) vs. Goku (8)
Eleven (5) vs. Buffy (4)
Doctor Who (11) vs. Jack Bauer (3)
Daryl Dixon (7) vs. Spock (2)

Erik Killmonger (1) vs. Lord Voldemort (9)
Saruman (5) vs. Tony Montana (4)
Darth Vader (6) vs. The Joker (3)
Chucky (7) vs. Thanos (2)

Dr. Hannibal Lecter (1) vs. Killgrave (8)
Ramsay Bolton (5) vs. Tony Soprano (4)
Annalise Keating (11) vs. Don Draper (3)
Negan (7) vs. Walter White (2)

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