Sunday, February 3, 2019

All Movie Super Bowl Commercials

Well, glad that boring game is over.

Now lets take a look at the movie Super Bowl ads, which is always a highlight for me each year. Sadly, it didn't seem like there was much to show us this year, but what we did end up seeing was well worth it.

There has been lots of hate thrown at this trailer, and I am little shocked by it. Have we really been so conditioned by modern marketing that when a movie refuses to give away the whole plot, we panic? Does a superhero movie need to have non-stop action in order to be successful? I am as intrigued as ever by this movie, and I can't wait to see it.

Yep. More please.

I've liked the re-emergence of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, but this just looks like a naked cash grab. I don't know how interested in this I'm honestly in.

This continues to look awesome

This also continues to look awesome

I am also very much looking forward to this. I was a HUGE fan of the books growing up and found them both hilarious and horrifying growing up and I can't believe any "kids book" got away with the artwork in those original books, good lord. Anyway, I can't see any evidence of any of the original stories in this, which is a shame. I am going to be disappointed if this ends up being an original movie with the "Scary Stories" name slapped on it. But time will tell.

Ironically, my favorite trailer had nothing to do with movies...

Yep. I LOVE "Twilight Zone" and I am curious as hell to see what Jordan Peele does with it.

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