Sunday, February 10, 2019

A look at Aladdin!

We are ramping up for another year of Disney live-action remakes and one of the big ones coming this year is "Aladdin." We are getting a much deeper look at characters in this first look, including Will Smith's genie.

I have to say, Will Smith looks a little weird...

It kind of looks to me that somebody took the body of the genie from the cartoon movie and photo-shopped Will Smith face on it. But on a recent cover of Entertainment Weekly, it looks like this genie will also have a human form? Makes sense, the genie could pretty much become whatever it wanted in the original movies, so having a human form isn't far-fetched. I'll be interested to see how much of that human form we actually get in the movie. The other leads looks good and the overall feel of Agrabah is looking pretty great too!

Aladdin will hit theaters May 26th.

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