Sunday, February 10, 2019

A First Look at Tommy Wiseau's "Big Shark"

Move over "Avengers: Endgame," and look out "Star Wars: Episode Nine." I think we just found out what will end up being the biggest movie of the year. Tommy Wiseau's "Big Shark."

Tommy Wiseau is kind of infamous now, and if you caught James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" in 2017, you know why. Tommy Wiseau came over from Europe, or maybe from outer space or perhaps from another dimension. He became best friends with American actor Greg Sestero, and together they made "The Room." A movie that is hailed as the "Citizen Kane of bad movies." If you've ever wondered if there is a film so bad its funny and good, well Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" is your answer. By logic and narrative, the movie is a trainwreck. But its such a fascinating trainwreck that I can't look away. Neither can millions of fans, because since the film's release in 2003, Wiseau has been programming Midnight showings of the film all across the country. Never would we have known that such a film would become a sensation, but Tommy Wiseau is a walking embodiment of the American Dream.

This year, we are getting the next Tommy Wiseau film, the first one in over a decade. He's making a movie about a shark. That's all we have at this moment. But for right now, that's enough.

Yep. Calling it now. Biggest. Movie. Of 2019!

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