Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 Academy Awards Reaction

Well, as I figured it would be, this was a tough year to predict. In a year where film critics in unison pretty much said that it was one of the best years in cinematic history, its going to be tough to get predictions correct. Out of the twenty-four categories of the Academy Awards, I got fifteen right. That's fairly low for me. But in a world as awesome as 2018 was, predictors ballots went every which way. I know. I read several film analysts choices before. Usually everybody is in somewhat of a unison. But not this year, and that's what made 2018 great.

I have to say, I think going hostless may have been a good thing for the Oscars. Picking a host can be hit or miss. Billy Crystal was always great, I thought Ellen DeGeneres did really well a few years ago. And I know I'm in the minority on this one, but Seth MacFarlane was amazing, I thought. Jimmy Kimmel was hit-or-miss. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was flat. But in recent years, nobody was as bad as James Franco and Anne Hathaway. I like both of them as actors, but hosting the Oscars just ain't their bag. Anyway, I know it was really controversial what was going on with Kevin Hart, but I think having no host helped keep the ceremony ending at a halfway decent time on a Sunday night. The ceremony flowed much better than in recent years. Perhaps in the future, we don't need a host.

Now even though I figured I wasn't going to do well, prediction-wise. That doesn't mean I wasn't surprised. I will be forever stumped at how "First Man" got visual effects over "Avengers: Infinity War." And no, that's not the Marvel fanboy in me talking. As far as deep space effects are concerned, "First Man" was pretty basic to look at, so I am blown away they didn't give it to "Infinity War." I also stand by my opinion that "Roma" and its use of sound was so unique to the experience in the film, and I figured "Bohemian Rhapsody" winning the sound awards seemed safe to me. I think out of all the nominees for Best Picture, and all the movies the Academy left off the nominee list of Best Picture, they picked "Green Book." That is going to perplex future film scholars and cinephiles forever. Mark my words.

I was pleasantly surprised that Olivia Colman won Leading Actress, I thought that out of the five nominees, she truly deserved the big win. But I was scared Glenn Close would win simply because she's been nominated lots in the past. Trust me, people win based solely on that, and I hate it. It should be about the performances, not because "its time." I am glad that The Academy didn't follow suit with so many other award circuits and gave the true winner the statue. I was also happy that, finally, my favorite modern franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Oscars. "Black Panther" made even more history as they take home three Academy Awards. I am glad to be alive just to live through this moment in history of not just black movies, but superhero movies.

The highlights of the night? Man that trash panda named Bradley Cooper sure can sing. I thought Spike Lee's acceptance speech for Adapted Screenplay was good. Olivia Colman had my wife and I cracking up during her heartfelt acceptance speech. In fact, most people gave some very personal, well-done acceptance speeches. Its nice to take a step away from politics and just remind people to chase their dreams, no matter what they are.

My final ballot. Black marks mean my original predictions, red marks mean the winners.
I guess 15/24 still isn't that bad. How did you do with your predictions?

What did you think of the show?

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