Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Review: "The Grinch" is a fun little update.

The Grinch Review

I recently rewatched the 2000 "The Grinch" movie, the one where Jim Carrey pretty much disappeared into the role of the Grinch. That snobby, green monster who pesters the Who's of Whoville and isn't a big fan of Christmas. The film that was directed by Ron Howard. I remember it was one of the worst reviewed movies of that year. When I originally saw it, I was in 5th grade and I remember seeing it in a sold out theater. I still think the make-up is beyond effective. But it is kind of a goofy movie, although I am not sure its still one of the worst movies of that year.

The Grinch story is pretty straightforward story. There is a place called Whosville, and the Who race of that town LOVE Christmas. They spend many a time decorating, buy, selling, wrapping, cooking, baking, all-things Christmas. There is also a Wh- or whatever The Grinch is, there's a green monster who lives in a cave-of-sorts on the outskirts of Whoville and he despises Christmas. So much so that he plans to steal the holiday away from the Whos. His plan is successful, but instead of feeling despair, the Whos embrace what the holiday actually means, which changes The Grinch's feelings on the holiday as well. It's a story we know and it is easily digestible.

Illumination doesn't really try to reinvent the wheel here. They've certainly added content that, if I remember correctly, wasn't in the original story by Dr. Suess or the original 1966 animated film. The film features the same exaggerated, cartoonish animation we've come to expect from the studio. There is a lush, colorful quality to it that is quite beautiful. Just like the "Despicable Me" movies. Movies like this come out to appease the children. They will love the animation, they will love the goofy nature of the movie, they will love the laughs. 

I'm sure all audiences will get a kick out of it. I for one, laughed quite a bit throughout the film. There are a bunch of funny situations in the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch's voice work is, as expected, incredible. Cumberbatch has got one of those voices that would be perfect for the character, and trust me, he uses it well. He helps set the fun mood of the entire movie. The scenes added to the movie are set in order to make you laugh. This is a movie that aims only please.

Because of that aim, its really hard for me not to recommend it. Its a great holiday movie and a wonderful movie to watch with your family this season.


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