Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pepper Potts suiting up for Avengers 4?

Well it looks like Thanos made a certain someone angry when they almost killed their almost-hubby.

In the comics, Tony Stark made a suit for Pepper Potts. And eventually she became a superhero known as Rescue. At the end of "Iron Man 3" it is sort of given a nod near the end when Pepper actually gets into one of Tony's Mech suits and flies around in it. Now it looks like she'll be getting a suit of her own and joining the heroes in whatever quest is going to happen in "Avengers 4."

Oh yes, this is happening! It looks like Pepper is going to be fighting. I wonder though how long term this is going to be. Can we expect Pepper to be suiting up more in the future? Is this a future timeline playing out? We have heard rumors of time travel in the upcoming film and the set photos have all but confirmed it. I'd love to see Pepper show up as Rescue in future films. I guess we got to wait and see what happens.

Apparently, a trailer and the final title of Avengers 4 will drop next month. Good fucking lord, I can't wait!

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