Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Live Action Aladdin

The live action cash grab continues at Disney! This summer, their big non-animated remake will be Aladdin. We get a glimpse of what is to come in the teaser trailer. Of course, we don't get much. We get to see desert, lots and lots of desert. We catch Iago flying in the air. We get a skyline of Agrabah. We see Aladdin reaching for the lamp. We hear the sand tiger talking in the teaser, then the famous sand tiger himself, as a silhouette enters his mouth, the mouth closes! We also hear some familiar music in the background.

Disney remaking all of their animated favorites has been big business for them the last few years. I'd say I was annoyed, but I am shocked how many of them have landed over those that have missed. It's great that they want to reach out to a new audience, since the kids who saw these animated favorites now probably have kids of their own. It makes sense and as long as they continue to create fun-filled adventures, I am sure this cash machine isn't going anywhere.

I am very curious to see if Will Smith has anything on Robin Williams. Big shoes to fill, those are!

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