Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Trailer for Dark Phoenix

As the Fox Marvel characters edge closer to under the Disney banner, it was announced earlier this month that Kevin Feige will soon be taking over the X-Men franchise. The merger between Fox and Disney finally brings every single Marvel character under the same banner, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will feel complete. I thought it would feel bittersweet. Honestly, I've liked the "X-Men" franchise, by and large. I know some people may not agree with that, and that's okay. But I've genuinely loved what Fox did with "X-Men."

I feel like that love may be wavering a bit these days though. The more I think about "X-Men: Apocalypse," the more it frustrates me. Now, this trailer for "Dark Phoenix," (seemingly, no longer X-Men: Dark Phoenix) has me underwhelmed. I am not digging at all that it looks like Jean Grey has no Phoenix Force, which is the whole point of the fucking story. I also can't wrap my head around that this feels exactly like what was already covered in "X3." Remember, "X3" was mostly unpopular in the movie world, so why you'd want to re-do it without some major changes seems silly.

I really like the young cast that has been assembled for this new chapter in the franchise. It seems with the Disney merger, this new chapter will be cut short. Heck, the entire book will be cut short. I just wish it ends on a high note. I am not sure it will end on a high not though, everything is point to somewhere else.

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