Monday, August 13, 2018

The Behind-The-Scenes Pic of the Day asked you to assemble!

"Avengers: Infinity War" will hit Blu-Ray tomorrow.

So I guess a look back at the first film is in order.

Its hard to believe we've come so far with these big Avengers movies. I remember back in 2012, just thinking of getting the six original heroes in one movie and giving them time to develop sounded impossible. A few years later, and these Avengers movies are getting bigger and bigger, but never sacrificing the story they are telling. I know Joss Whedon left on, well not bad terms, I guess let's say wary terms. But I think he did a remarkable job setting a standard for the Avenger team-up movies and that style has lived within ever since.

Its funny, because I used to hear people say that someday movies won't need people, everything will be digital. But there are things people can do that computers simply can't. No matter how high tech things get, there is something remarkable knowing that a group of people did that. I don't know if Mark Ruffalo is the one posing in that big Hulk costume next to Hemsworth, but I know Hemsworth had to wrestle the person inside there and pretend like he was fighting a massive giant. Pretty impressive seeing the finished product.

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