Monday, August 20, 2018

Freaks trailer

I am sure horror fans will remember the 1930's film "Freaks." It was a movie about actual "freak" circus performers. Something that doesn't happen anymore, for obvious reasons. Nobody in this day and age would take pleasure at looking at midgets or bearded women or siamese twins. Can you imagine the SJWs coming out the woodwork and the PC reaction if those were still a thing? Yikes.

At first today, I thought somebody was legitimately making a remake of "Freaks." I felt like that would have been bold and ambitious. On the other hand, holy shit what would it even look like? Alas, it looks like the "Freaks" coming out in 2018 is NOT the "Freaks" remake from the 1930s. Good, I thought. Alfred Hitcock's "Psycho" got ruined by the remake treatment, they do not need to ruin another classic horror film.

As for "Freaks" of 2018, it's hard to tell what this movie will be about. It's a short, short, SHORT trailer. I have no idea what its even about. It's got an all-star cast, and the imagery is definitely striking. See what you think

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