Monday, July 23, 2018

The DCEU invaded Comic-Con

Marvel doesn't always feel the need to go to San Diego Comic-Con, which is the King of all Comic-Cons. That's the city that began this tradition that spreads like wildfire across the country, invading one city after the other. Marvel went last year, they gave some secrets about Captain Marvel, being released this March. So, what were they going to do, run in circles? Everything about Avengers 4 is being played close to the chest right now. I'll be shocked if we hear anything or see anything until the very end of the year. So before you think they are "scared" or "intimidated" by DC. First, remember who your talking about. Second, DC needs the publicity more than anything right now.

Look, I think the DCEU has the potential to be awesome, these are some of the oldest, most popular superheroes ever created. This should be on par with what Marvel is doing, at the very least. It could be much more profitable than what Marvel is doing, this is coming from a Marvel fanatic. But, despite "Wonder Woman," they really haven't wowed audiences with their work yet. I loved "Man of Steel," but I am probably the only one who did. "Batman vs. Superman" was yuck. "Suicide Squad" was disappointing. "Justice League" was lukewarm. It has been a painfully mediocre experience so far, it could be magnificent.

The two big trailers at San Diego Comic-Con this year were or DC's "Aquaman" and "Shazam!" Aquaman was introduced in "Justice League" and now he's getting a solo movie. I can say that the trailer looks fine. But telling from it, the story just looks like a mixture of "Thor" and "Black Panther" only underwater. In an age where superhero movies are a dime a dozen, what is really going make these movies stand out is how original the concepts feel. If this just feels like its going through the motions, its going to fail. Atlantis is also a bit disappointing, it looks so painfully like "Star Wars" Naboo's underwater civilization that I spent some time looking for Gungans. But Mamoa was charismatic enough, so perhaps he can lead us on the right path. Amber Heard is interesting, and Patrick Wilson is always surprisingly good as a villain. So we'll see.

Some people are writing this off as a superhero version of "Big." And I guess I can't argue that point. I know I just spouted about originality up above, but also what I look for is how well a story can be told. DC may actually have some luck with "Shazam." Its a character that demands a movie to be silly and whimsical and the movie totally looks like its going to be silly and whimsical. So that's great. There is no sign of Zack Snyder's murky signature anywhere, a dark and dour Shazam movie would suck, so tonally its going in the right direction. Zachary Levi was great in "Chuck" and if he can bring some of that "Chuck" like humor, this will definitely be more "Wonder Woman" and less "Batman vs. Superman."

So fingers crossed, I want so bad to love this franchise. Here's to hoping that 2019 is the turning point.

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