Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Review: "Super Troopers 2" just never fully takes off

Super Troopers 2 Review

The Broken Lizard is a comedy troupe that I love very much. Over the winter, I re-watched "Club Dread," a film by the troupe that I actually remember sneaking into seeing when I was in grade school. It was just as funny as I remember it being. "The Slammin Salmon" is always a delight. I also have a deep fondness for the "Super Troopers." However, my favorite of the bunch has always been "Beerfest," and I've been holding it to the troupe to eventually make the sequel it promised before the credits. I love, love, love that movie.

The Broken Lizard is great, and I am sure they'll be great again, but "Super Troopers 2" doesn't quite get there.

Its got everything you'd want from a sequel. The entire Broken Lizard troupe is back, as well as Brian Cox. There is funny cameo work by Rob Lowe, Sean William Scott and Damon Wayans Jr, just to name a few. There are some funny moments in the movie. But sadly, the things that work about the movie never really add up. First of all, its an odd story. The disgraced troopers were fired after the first film and then they are recruited by the governor of Vermont, played by the former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, to police a spot of Canadian land that was originally belonged to the United States. The movie is a comedy about the newfound troopers policing the area despite many Canadians mad about losing their land. After everything that has happened politically in this country since 2016, as well as the reputation we have internationally, it rubbed me wrong to make a comedy about this. 

Not only that, but it would be good if the jokes didn't feel like rehashes. It seems for every movie that has been good by this troupe, their jokes are all alike. Yes, there's some over-the-top pranking. Yes, there are lots of dick jokes. There are lots and lots and LOTS of dick jokes. After awhile they land with a thud. After a while it gets tedious and repetitive. For a movie that wasn't believed in by the studio because of fear of it feeling dated. Then to gain four million dollars through crowedfunding to make the movie. Well, why is it that the movie did end up feeling dated?

Okay, its not all bad. Its pretty apparent that Jay Chandrasekhar, Paul Soter, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, and Kevin Hefferman came to play. If there is any reason to see this movie, its to see all these guys together. No matter how funny the jokes land, its never boring watching these guys get together. They are really tying to make this count, and it definitely shows in their work. Plus, while there is a lot of laughs that don't land, there is still so much crazy over-the-top material that works. There was definitely some effort, and that shouldn't go unnoticed.


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