Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day...gets a dark knight

Welcome back to the second Behind-The-Scenes-Pic of the Day.

Today marks the ten year anniversary of "The Dark Knight." Honestly, I can't believe I am writing that. I can't believe that movie is ten years old. Back in 2007 and well until its release. There was not another movie that I was more obsessed with than "The Dark Knight." I sat up at night, praying that the world wouldn't end for whatever reason. I needed to see this movie. I had been a Batman fan for a LOOONG time. The Adam West era had its place. I loved Tim Burton's movies. But once Joel Schumacker took over, it got dumb. I never thought I'd ever see a good Batman movie ever again. Then Christopher Nolan appears and brought us "Batman Begins." It represented everything I would ever want from a Batman movie. I hoped he'd go on to make nine movies. That great tease at the end of Begins showcased The Joker.

This was one of the first behind-the-scenes pictures we got and it still didn't even come close to preparing us what we were in for when Heath Ledger unleashed his Joker on us all. I would have never guessed he'd be the guy to do it. Frankly, neither did anybody else. Tons of actors wanted the role, I remember reading that Robin Williams wanted it bad. That Paul Bettany was considered. Adrien Brody and Steve Carrell were in the mix. But I was glad that Ledger gave us this, because we needed it.

There was an elaborate viral marketing game on the internet leading up to the movie's release. I remember a letter written out in various letters on one website. And people had to go out and literally find where these letters were in the United States, snap a picture and send it to the website. Once all the letters were found, a never-before-seen look at The Joker emerged. Warner Brothers really kept people on pins and needles. And with such a wild marketing campaign, you kind of have to wonder why they've been dogging it with the DCEU marketing.

I've written thousands and thousands of words regarding my love for the movie. I am sure in the future, I'll write thousands and thousands more. I am sure I'll watch it again today, perhaps you will too?

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