Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer

It's been awhile since I put the words "excited" and "Sony" and "Spider-Man" all in one sentence. But I have got to admit that I am excited for Sony's upcoming Spider-Man film. Instead of playing with the Tom Holland continuity from the MCU, this is a brand new adventure focusing on Miles Morales.

For those who don't know who Miles Morales is, there is an alternate universe in the Marvel multiverse known as the Ultimate Marvel Universe, where characters were updated, and made more realistic. The Ulitmate Marvel Universe was on the rise in the 2000's when many comic book readers were jaded by the outdated characters with their long, confusing continuity problems. There were some changes made in this universe. Peter Parker would eventually train another person with spider-like powers and when Parker eventually died, this person stepped in to fill his shoes. This person was Miles Morales. Morales became such a popular character that he was integrated into the mainstream Marvel comics universe in 2015.

This movie is slightly based on a Spider-Man story where all the different versions of Spider-Man across all the Marvel multi-verse came together. There was a bad guy named Morlun who was traveling across the multiverse killing anybody with spider-like powers. Telling from this trailer, I don't know if we'll see Morlun, he doesn't seem to appear anywhere. I know that The Green Goblin (a very different version compared to the mainstream counterpart) and The Kingpin will appear. Who knows what other secrets this film will reveal.

I really like the unique animation in this movie and there is some incredible talent as far as voice acting goes. This could be a good one!

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